Three new Super Masks to improve your skin

The three new super skin masks from Diego dalla Palma are designed to be used after proper exfoliation with the paired super scrub products released recently. Both beauty products are now available for purchase at Nu-U The Beauty Room in Burwash, East Sussex.

Nutri Mask with Ceramides + Banana
Nutri Mask with Ceramides + Banana

Nutri Mask – Ceramides + Banana

How the Nutri Mask helps

For all skin types including sensitive skin. A nourishing & repairing absorbing mask containing ceramides and banana.
An oasis of rapid relief for irritated, red & dry skin. Rich in ceramides & omega-3, it rebalances and strengthens the skin’s barrier function immediately giving comfort and hydration & the complex of plant bioflavonoids reduces tingling, itching and redness. 

Result: calmed, hydrated, soft skin.

How to use the Nutri Mask

Apply a thick layer to face & neck (avoid direct contact with eyes). Leave for 10-20 mins. Remove residue with toner on cotton pad or rinse with water.

Pairs with…

Gommage Scrub – Fruit Enzymes + Banana

Peel Off Mask – BHA + Charcoal

How the Peel Off Mask helps

For combination & oily skin. A purifying peel-off mask containing BHA & charcoal. An express purifying mask with charcoal & salicylic acid. Its peel-off texture removes excess oil and impurities in just a few minutes, reducing the appearance of blackheads & dead skin cells.

Result: Pores will be less visible & the texture & complexion will be smoother, leaving the skin looking brighter & more luminous. Perfect for T-zone

How to use the Peel Off Mask

Apply a thin, even layer on clean & perfectly dry skin (avoid eye area & eyebrows). Wait until completely dry. Remove by gently lifting the film that has formed. Rinse off any remaining residue with warm water. Can be applied just on the T-zone or any impure areas.

Pairs with…

Mask Scrub – BHA + Charcoal

Peel Off Mask with BHA + Charcoal
Peel Off Mask with BHA + Charcoal
Gummy Mask with Pink Clay + Superfood
Gummy Mask with Pink Clay + Superfood

Gummy Mask – Pink Clay + Superfood

How the Gummy Mask helps

For mature skin. An anti-age firming massage mask (pairs with Sauna scrub – pink)

An anti-aging mask with pink clay for a firming action. With its special adhesive texture based on hyaluronic acid, it allows for a revitalising massage that makes the skin firmer & more toned.

How to use the Gummy Mask

apply a thin, even layer on cleansed face (avoiding direct contact with eyes. Leave 3-4 minutes. Starting from the bottom, perform a pneumatic massage – with the entire palm & fingers, place hands on the face & ‘detach’ the product. Repeat several times all over the face from bottom to top. Remove the mask with cotton pad soaked in warm water & rinse off any residue.

Pairs with…

Sauna Scrub – Hyaluronic Acid + Sugar

These Super Masks are all IN STOCK
at Nu-u The Beauty Room

To place an order and arrange postal delivery or collection, please phone me at the salon...

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