RVB LAB relaunches Mono Eyeshadows

Following RVB LAB’s relaunch of these Mono Eyeshadows with cutting edge formulas and textures, Nu-U The Beauty Room in Burwash has secured new stock. With this relaunch RVB LAB is offering a versatile and professional product to complete the range of eye makeup.

An intense, but clean, look for anyone who wants a quick and easy eye makeup – all you need is this mono eyeshadow and a good brush for a deep and defined look in just a few minutes.

There are 10 Single Powder Eyeshadows including 3 different textures and all with a talc-free formula.

Mono Powder Eyeshadows – Pearl Finish

4 Eyeshadows: Shades – champagne, beige, pink & copper (Colours: 11, 12, 13, 16).

Enriched with Vitamin E (antioxidant & anti-ageing properties) & Olive Oil (Emollient properties).

This innovative formula combines creaminess & powder in a single product for an ultra-sensorial pearl texture. The eyeshadow is compact with a plastic feel & when applied, adheres perfectly with a long-lasting effect.

Creates: smoothness, ultra-vibrancy, definition & extreme comfort.

Mono Powder Eyeshadows – Satin Finish

2 Eyeshadows: Shades – taupe & aubergine (Colours: 14, 15).

Enriched with Vitamin E (antioxidant & anti-ageing properties) & Olive Oil (Emollient properties).

These have a silky & velvety texture. The formula designed for this product glides smoothly on the eyelid for instant one-stroke application and long wear.

Creates: smoothness, radiance, definition & extreme comfort.

Mono Powder Eyeshadows – Matte Finish

4 Eyeshadows: Shades – beige, camel, taupe & dark brown (Colours: 17, 18, 19, 20).

Enriched with Vitamin E (antioxidant & anti-ageing properties).

These have a matte, smooth, silky texture for high performance with both light & dark colours. An amazing powder with instant colour pay-off that is easy to blend and to build. Highly adhesive.

This makeup collection is IN STOCK
at Nu-u The Beauty Room

To book a makeup session, place an order and arrange postal delivery or collection, please contact me at the salon...

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